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Yoga at Home


Jennifer Guillot is a Meditation Guide, Holistic Energy Worker, and Well-being coach. Her passion is working with others on their own healing journey. Using a combination of intuition, various energy work techniques and acupressure, her method is uplifting and practical to provide others the tools they need for emotional transformation. She is constantly finding ways to deepen her practice through investigation and inspiration from her mentors.

Jennifer was born and raised in New Orleans. When she’s not working with others, you can find her spending time with her family and exploring her creative side by painting.

Energy work treats the whole body; physical, mental and spiritual. If there are imbalances, it can effect overall health. Physical illnesses are usually the symptoms of a greater imbalance. 

Energy work is a non-invasive and completely safe therapy. People usually feel lighter and more relaxed after sessions. 

Holistic healing is not an alternative to conventional medical care, it is a compliment to it.

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